ISIS, ISIL, DAESH : what country is that?

Call it ISIS, ISIL or EIL, it’s real Arabic name is Daesh, al dawlat al islamiyyat fil Irak wa Bilad el-Sham (Islamic State in Iraq and Bilad el-Sham).

Bilad el-Sham is the name that was (and still is) given by the Arabs to the countries we call Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Israel, Jordan.

So the invasion of Israel and Jordan is in the original plan of Daesh, as well as the invasion of Lebanon, Syria and Iraq.

Now, Daesh calls itself “Caliphate” or “Islamic State”, thus claiming a global sovereignty for its leader, Baghdadi.

Baghdadi Bagdadi

The United States is part of its plan of conquest. That’s what  Baghdadi meant when he told the US soldiers: “See you in New York, guys!”

To attract attention on his intention to take New York, I published the following post on Facebook a few days after Baghdadi proclaimed himself a caliph.

Bagdadi See you in New Yorkpost

Under the post I placed this picture below, a photo from a CNN report that related the last words of Baghdadi to the Americans who had kept him prisoner in Iraq.

Bagdadi See you in New Yorkphoto

A long time before the creation of Daesh, Baghdadi was already dreaming of becoming a caliph, and of capturing New York…

Lina Murr Nehme


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