About the Syrian chemical weapons

When the news broke about the Syria chemical weapons attack (sarin gaz), I happened to be out of Lebanon. I was too upset to work, and I stayed all day long in the hotel business center, watching the televised debate about Syria in the British Parliament.

Syrian chemical weapons attack video

It reminded me of the old days of the Taef treaty (1989-1990). I was also out of Lebanon, living in the vicinity of Boston. I watched on TV the big nations condemning to death a small nation that was mine.

In 2013, ironically, the victim of these same nations was Syria. I wrote this post on Facebook:

“How come chemical arms are bad only when used by others? Who, in America, punished those who used mustard gas in WWI? Who punished the generals or politicians responsible for the heavy use of mustard gas and napalm in Vietnam on such a huge scale? Who punished Truman for the use of the Atomic Bomb against Japan after learning that Japan wanted to surrender? (For the proofs, see my next book, “Qui prendra le Liban, la Syrie, la Palestine?”)
Since nobody was punished, therefore, the USA government has endorsed these crimes (not to mention others), and is the biggest world user of poison gas, the biggest world user of arms of mass destruction, and it claims the right to punish a very small user.”

Lina Murr Nehme-Syrian chemical-2

And then, another:

“Enough of that hypocrisy!!! Enough of seeing the biggest criminals judging small ones! Enough! Enough!”

Lina Murr Nehme-Syrian chemical-1

I haven’t changed my mind. Even if my burning the ISIS flag has made us direct enemies, even if I shall use that picture of the burned ISIS flag (top of the page) as a symbol as long as ISIS will be strong, I still think that those who are bombarding ISIS are much more criminals than ISIS.

But now, everybody has forgotten the terrorists of the Free Syrian Army who used to cut the throats of their brothers, the Syrian soldiers or policemen, in front of the cameras, or to eat the heart of Syrian soldiers, as did Abu Sakkar. The Free Syrian Army has not become innocent just because worse have emerged.

If you want to defend the Syrian opposition, then defend Michel Kilo and his likes. Defend the late Patriarch Hazim. Don’t defend the terrorists of the so-called Free Syrian Army. Indeed, if they had been good, if they had told the truth, they would not have been helped and defended by Obama, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. And their fruits would not have been Nosra and Daesh(ISIS).


Tell me who your allies are, and I will tell you who you are.

Lina Murr Nehmé

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