Lina Murr Nehme was born on July 12, 1955 in Lebanon, and graduated from Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris in 1982.

By profession, she was a painter, and practiced this during her whole sojourn in France and the United States. Disappointed to discover different versions of the same facts, she made researches since 1982, and became a historian.

In 1994-1996, she was a professor of History of Art at ALBA Academy in Beirut.

Since 1995, she has taught at the Lebanese University, History of Architecture, History of Art, History of Civilizations, History of Interior Architecture, History of Lebanese Architecture, History of Christian and European Architecture, History of Islamic and local (Middle Eastern) Architecture.




Lina Murr Nehme proves that the Phoenicians had the scientific and artistic means to build a monument like Baalbek, whereas the Romans did not. She also proves, with archaeological and architectural arguments, that Baalbek cannot be a Roman monument, and in fact, can only be Phoenician. Her publications on this topic include:

  • Baalbek Monument Phénicien.
  • Phoenician Baalbek, Baalbek la Phénicienne, بعلبك الفينيقية
  • “LIBAN : LES TEMPLES DE BAALBEK – Qui a financé la construction de ces géants absolus de l’architecture antique ? L’examen attentif de la documentation apporte des réponses surprenantes. Archaologia magazine, May 2008      [link]
  • Lina Murr Nehme also wrote a more general book about the Phoenicians and their descendents, the Lebanese, called Si Beyrouth parlait, بيروت إن حكت.
    In this book, Lina Murr Nehme quotes famous antique authors to prove the scientific and artistic means of the Phoenicians of Tyre, Sidon, Byblos, the role of the Beirut Law school, etc.


She also attacked the myths of the Renaissance, especially those concerning Leonardo da Vinci, Michaelangelo, Raffaello, the french Revolution.
In the first volume of “La Renaissance en Question”, named “Des Origines à Léonard de Vinci”, she shows the horrible face of the rulers of the Italian Renaissance, hidden by tourist books, and the true reason why they financed this marvelous art. She shows the extraordinary human face of Leonardo da Vinci who, unlike what is usually thought, was a man extremely human, an atheist whose thought led him to become Christian, and even, Catholic. Her theory is that Leonardo changed the fate of Europe because of the influence he had over King Francis the First, then 20 years old.


Below are a few of the media appearances of Lina Murr Nehme.

If Beirut spoke, what would she say… [Arabic with English text]

Teaser for the four-part TV program made by Lina Murr Nehme for OTV. The success of the TV series led her to write a bilingual book, Si Beyrouth Parlait… بيروت ان حكت

Lina Murr Nehme interview on her book La Palestine, L’Argent et le Pétrole (Part I of Histoire du Sionisme racontée du Liban) [Arabic]

Interview on Kitab. From the program website: Kitab is a book review segment in which books and authors are discussed. Whether with a special guest or without, the main point is always the book. Famous writers in the three languages (Arabic, French and English) are received to discuss their biography, their writing style and their latest works.

Lina Murr Nehme interview on her book Si Beyrouth Parlait [Arabic]

Lina Murr Nehme talking about her new book “Si Beyrouth Parlait…” (بيروت ان حكت) on LBC program Heloua ou Murra.

Lina Murr Nehme message to Copts (on TV) [Arabic]

Message of hope and forgiveness to the copts of Egypt. Interview by Giselle Hachem Zard on TeleLumiere. 17 Oct 2011.

Interview with Lina Murr Nehme, on the occasion of the beatification of Anna Katharina Emmerick [English]

VATICAN CITY, OCT. 3, 2004 ( An Orthodox artist and historian who published a new version of “The Bitter Passion of Christ” thinks charges of anti-Semitism against newly beatified Anna Katharina Emmerick are off the mark. Lebanese Lina Murr Nehme has written numerous books on history, art and exegesis. Her new work, published by François-Xavier de Guibert and illustrated with beautiful iconography, has… (More…)

RLL Interview with Lina Murr Nehme [Arabic]

RLL Interview with Lina Murr Nehme about her book (Prophéties de la Bible pour le Liban moderne) by Sallem Khalifeh

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